Corporate Finance Staff

Avinash Singh

Financial Analyst

Avinash graduated with a First-Class Honours in Mathematics from the University of East Anglia, specialising in building machine learning models to guide business decision making across multiple domains. He has worked in various data science roles including a pioneering fintech and the Civil Service.

Avinash has joined MBU as a financial analyst working across the corporate finance, natural resources and real estate business verticals to provide strategic insights and analysis which provide key information to Finance Leadership.

In his spare time, he loves to travel and enjoys running marathons.

Latest News - 08 Apr 2020

Financial Investment Highlights

Making the right moves in Permitted Development

The government is planning a major increase in Permitted Development (PD) in a bid to ‘get Britain building’. But with many existing schemes being criticised for poor quality and tiny residential units which do not meet buyers’ and renters’ needs, how will developers respond to meet the government’s expectations?

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Latest News - 08 January 20

Digital house sales revolution kicks off within new-build sales sector

First fully-digital sales progressions.

The advent of super-fast digital-only house sales has taken a huge step forward after developer and property investment firm MBU Capital became the first to sell new-builds using a digitised end-to-end conveyancing process late last year at a Stevenage development.

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Latest News - 07 June 19

Addison Lee sold to MBU Capital for £22.75m

Global investment house MBU Capital has agreed terms and exchanged contracts.

The property at 17-37 William Road, NW1, was put on the market by a private family office.

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